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January 4, 2015

on November 2, 2015

Welcome Back!!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Winter Break!  Awesome news…Ms. Osborne has finished her pre-student teaching with us and will remain with us for the 1st part of her student teaching experience.  We are thrilled to have Ms. Osborne with us full-time for the next ten weeks!

Curriculum Updates


This week we will read the book, “Changing Seasons.” The students will classify information and identify and read words with the -er ending.  The students will continue to read-to-self, read-to-others, read with their guided reading groups & read on the Kindles throughout the week.


The students will work use base ten blocks to represent two-digit numbers.  The students will be able to identify the tens and ones in a two-digit number.  The students will continue to practice using a variety of strategies to add within 20.


The students are working on writing informational text.  We have been reading and exploring non-fiction books in the classroom.  The students will begin writing an informational book about an animal.  (Science Connection) 

Words of the Week

We are working on the digraph /sh/.

shape, shop, share, she, shell, ship, shirt, dish, fish, hush, rash, wish


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